“When I Met Y?”: Why This Series?

So, I am thinking for the past few weeks what will be the good way to start a topic in this transition. And I came to a decision to start it with the pop-up question of “Why?”.

I bet all of us encounters this type of question, not once but many times in our existence. Indeed, it is a type of question that requires an urgent explanation. And sometimes the answer comes right away, some takes time and some have no explanation at all. Yes, sometimes you will never have the answer. A hard fact from the life we are living in.

As for me, my day never ends without asking why to God. Sometimes, it is more than just one why a day. It is really hard to live in this world without knowing why we are here. Why I live? Why I took up this degree? Why I decided to be in a place where I am now? Why I want to be a psychologist? Why I did not realize that I want to be a psychologist? Why there are many passions burning inside me? And later on, I will know that I can only choose a few of them to pursue.

It is never easy to live in this life with full of why’s in my life, as I view it from being a “normal” samaritan of this earth.

As you might realize it, I am a man searching for an answer. An answer that needs to be realized by living the life I am having right now. It is not wrong to ask why or even any kind of questions you have inside. It does not also show that you are weak. On the contrary, it shows that you are strong enough to face the answer that you will get. You are not dumb when you ask a question. It is a sign that you are eager to know that answer because you want to learn or know something to add up to your pool of knowledge.

That is why I want to answers my encounter to Why’s on this platform. I will try with my utmost understanding and experience to impart my own perception on how to answer the Why’s of my life.

Have a great day!


Love. ❤

From Photo Blog to Personal Blog: Why a sudden change?

Blog26 May 2017

I decided to make this blog site as a more personal one rather than continuing it as a photo blog site.

There are few reasons why I come to this point. First maybe is the fact that I do not own a DSLR camera or any kind. I only have my camera on my phone. Yes, I can take some awesome photos using my phone but I want the challenge that you have the gear in your hands or hang on your neck. The feeling is different. There is some feeling of authority and the need to portray that character in motion. This is one of the reasons why I cannot continue in my idea of being a photo blogger.

The next reason might be the fact that I want an outlet for my feelings. It has been almost a year now that I am writing things in my personal journal. I find it good but I come to a point when I think of a bigger picture. What is in my own little way, I can connect with someone going through some issue and topics of life whom I can help or the other way around. In view of that, I want this blog to also contain my thoughts.

Nope. I still want to continue being a photo blogger. I want to have the opportunity to continue one of my passions with some of the people that can help to have a good knowledge using the gear and have proper perspectives. And I also want to have this blog become one of my outlets where I can put my thoughts into words and share it with the whole web world. Nevertheless, I will still continue my own personal private journal and try to simultaneously weave it with my blog.

That being said, I want to say have a blessed day!

Love. ❤

Night of Worship: DEEPER

A night dedicated to God. In our community, we have this activity called Night of Worship. We sing praise and worship to God. We honor and lift His name. We pray for ourselves, for each other, for the community, for the church and for the country. A night to have a thankful heart for God’s everlasting mercy, protection and love.